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I agree with those who feel music is the universal language. I’ve seen music – both mine and others – work magic on the ill, the old, the heartsick and the anxious. It continues to be incredibly powerful when it’s heard at the right place, at the right time. Music is the closest art to being intangible, and in that, it responds more powerfully to positive intent as it’s being created. It’s a vibration, after all, right? Pretty delicate. Yet think of the emotions it can hit in you, how it can change/fix your feelings on a thing. Any form of art powerful enough to catch one’s breath and bring a tear deserves consideration as a serious form of communication.

I’ve had friends who, from time to time – now this is sort of in jest, okay? – say to me, “Have you ever thought about therapy??” I always tell them I have the best therapist on the planet, my piano. After all, I’m a piano player. When the angst or a sadness creeps in occasionally, I can always go over to my baby grand and play for a half hour, whatever comes to mind. Maybe just noodling. But before I know it, my emotions are running out my fingertips and I get up from the piano feeling purged and cleansed. It is always amazing to me.

The inherent therapeutic value in music is what initially motivated me to record my own albums and release them. Another motivation for me was my ego… it’s very exciting and satisfying to have one’s music out there in the world. I got an email several years back from a grandmother in Australia, who thanked me for the meditation album someone had given her. She told me it was the one thing that was sure to put her grandchildren to sleep each night, and it had relieved a huge burden from her. Tell me that wasn’t a thrill to read… doesn’t take many of those to convince one that their music is important in the world.

If you’re wondering how a person can compose/play/record jazz and meditation music both… simple. They’re both forms of spontaneous communication, derived from the inspiration received by what’s going on at the spur of the moment. I feel the best music is always emotion-driven. That’s why a popular theory with song writers is that they always write their best stuff when they’re down, sad, just broken up with their honey, or broke. And there’s truth to it, believe me. For my part, I’m more inspired by happiness, contentment, beauty and love… just my nature, I guess.

I have seven CDs and downloads on the Indie Music Site,  CDBaby, and they are also availalbe in digital download form on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and over twenty other download sites. Just a simple Steve Hulse on the ‘search’ usually finds me. Hmmmm, perhaps I should try that next time I’m lost. Easiest way to buy my albums, if you’re interested, is to click on the CD covers below.

Jazzed For Miles

Jazzed For Miles is a new look at the Miles Quintet of the middle '60's. It it not an attempt to duplicate those original songs, but rather a new look at the depth and color of the material The Miles Davis Quintet played from '62 - '67, with a big tip of the hat to Wayne Shorter's incredible ground-breaking compositions.

Jazzed For The Beatles

Contemplate the deeper meaning of "Beep, beep, beep, beep, yeah!" with this collection of ten jazz improvisations of your favorite Beatles songs on solo piano. Steve captures the thoughtful mood and depth of feeling in Yesterday, And I Love Her, Eleanor Rigby, Michelle, and six more.

Jazzed For The Holidays II

Come, sit by the fire, put your feet up, sip your hot chocolate and enjoy Steve's jazzy renditions of holiday classics on solo piano. The mood of the CD is one of hope, love and peace. Selections include: Winter Wonderland, Mi Y'Malel (Hanukkah Folk Song), O Holy Night, Let There Be Peace on Earth, and six more favorites.

The Light Within II: Meditations of the Heart

Steve continues his work to help us deal with the stresses of daily life with this collection of contemplative pieces which brings an intentional focus on relaxation and healing. Each selection carries with it vibrational qualities which align with the chakras for a deeper physical relaxation.

The Light Within III: Guided Pathways to the Soul

Visit the ocean, a forest and an ancient garden without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair in this collection of guided meditations, which focuses on releasing negative emotions, healing your whole self, and realizing your true potential. Steve's music blends beautifully with the words of Pat Jones, an experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.

Sound Journey: The Natural Sounds of Georgia

Follow the sounds of nature all over the state of Georgia, from the stream that becomes the mighty Chattahoochee River, to the Okefenokee Swamp. Hear the grumbling of the alligator in the reeds on Harris Neck, and the cicadas in full song along the Chatooga River. Other locations are Tybee Island, Brasstown Bald and the Alcovy River Greenway.

High Country Homebrew

High Country Homebrew, Musical Spirits Of Southwest Montana, is a compilation of six different artists from Montana, who, in their individual styles, give you a straightforward and heartwarming view and feeling of life in Montana. The natural beauty of our state and the emotions within it drive this CD. Landscape instrumentals and tender cowboy songs are the featured here. All the artists live close to each other and are good friends. We had a blast making this album, and we think it comes off the CD in our music. There's a lot of love & pride in these original songs... for why we live here and how we live here. If you've not been to Montana before, here's your chance!

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