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Music For Pictures was initially a subsidiary company of Steve Hulse Music, a recording and music production studio in Atlanta for over 30 years. For an interesting time, Music For Pictures supported Steve Hulse Music. Hell, it’s a weird business in a strange world.

The initial reason for launching Music For Pictures was to remind the media moguls of the South at that time that Steve Hulse still composed original scores for movies, short features and documentaries. Why was that necessary? Because, from that time the ability of computers to record music rolled in around 1986, the entire music business changed. Hence the need to build a separate identity, hit the production companies with a different idea, and, ultimately, survive.

Music For Pictures & Steve Hulse Music survived for 19 more years. It wasn’t pretty, for so much changed, much of the music biz turned upside down. I was versatile… I went with a lot of it, plowed through level upon level of it, learned the new technology, learned who my new techno-competitors were, how they worked, why their stuff was being accepted… it was a losing battle, after all. And my career finally succumbed in 2005. No pity here, I had a great run, and the end of it was typical. The phone stops ringing. And, when you call, they’re not in…

Now, six years later, Music For Pictures is back up and running. I have clients, old and new, and exciting new projects. Life is so damn strange. I’ve a recording studio here in my cabin, Fort Apache Sound, which has recorded seven albums in the four years it’s been afloat.

One of my recent projects has been the original music for Stark Productions’ – of San Fransisco – terrific video, Baby Baby Oh Baby. The video is instructional, teaching new moms and dads how to massage their newborns, and bond them with even more love… the love of touching. Makes a great baby gift! Check it out!

Am also scoring original music for a documentary about the Louisiana oil spill. It’s being superbly and sensitively done, and is an exciting, ongoing project for me this summer.

Obviously, I’m available to do original music for attractive projects. I neither want, nor need, to take on just any job that comes down the pike. But I’m always willing to listen…

In the coming months I’ll put slices of my music for film on this page. For now, my resumé is below. If you’re not interested in hiring me, skip the resumé. They’re almost all boring.

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  • 1972-present Composer and owner of Steve Hulse Music, Atlanta, Georgia & Virginia City, Montana
  • 1973-1987 Session musician – piano and keyboards, Atlanta
  • 1972-1981 Jazz pianist and leader of the Steve Hulse Trio, Atlanta
  • 1971-1972 Composer of scores for two plays, York University, Toronto
  • 1968-1971 Recording Studio Engineer, Natural Sound Recording Studio
    Session musician, Natural Sound Recording Studio, Maynard MA
  • “Arranger of the Year” – Atlanta Music Awards, Atlanta NARAS Chapter (1986)

Scoring Highlights

  • Composed and recorded the scores to two full-length feature films, Clear Air
    Turbulence and The Star of Jaipur (1997)
  • Composed and recorded the scores to two IMAX-format surround sound films – The Colorado River and Tallulah Falls
  • Scored films that have won three Golden Eagle awards
  • Scored two International Crystal award-winning AV presentations, Still Life and Colours
  • Original score for the wide-screen production of The Atlanta Campaign showing continuously at the Cyclorama in Atlanta (1991)
  • Original score for Academy Award-nominated documentary, Building Bombs (1990)
  • Composed the music and conducted the London Philharmonic for a TBS I.D. package (1984)
  • Wrote and played music for the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati (1978)
  • Has written national jingles and short film scores for Coke, Canada Dry, Amoco, AFLAC, Arby’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, BASF, Interplak, Scripto, Morrison’s, Pizza Hut, Independent Life, Busch Gardens, Disney Productions, American Cyanimid, The Weather Channel and TBS. Regional work includes Six Flags Over Georgia, Bell South and 14 film scores for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources


  • Recently completed projects – Jazzed For Miles (2009) Love Wants To Dance (2011)
  • 1992-present Owner of Soundfisher Productions, a nature sound recording company
  • 1994-1997 Published writer whose articles have appeared in The Georgia
    Experience Sportsman, Georgia Wildlife, and Emory University’s Information Technology
  • Toured with Henry Mancini as piano player (1975)
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