Dashing Through The Snow…

Hi again, Gang. (a little theme music here…  tum te dum dum dum) Yes, it’s time once again for the annual Snowmobile Edition here at the Chronicles. I know, I know, excitement is high, and for good reason… this post is about the ACME Grooming Team, out of Virginia City, Montana. Those crack sledders of the back country are at it again! Today we’ll take you on a short video tour of a day cruise of grooming and playing on the slopes of SW Montana.

The ACME Groomers are all members of the Vigilante Snowmobile Club, located in V.C. We keep two trails clear and semi-smooth throughout the snowiest months for all who would sled into the legal, multi-purpose lands south of V.C. One of the trails is maybe 7 miles long, the other can be as much as 35 miles long, depending upon weather conditions and how many riders are cruising that far from town. We also stake the more open parts of the trail, so even if you get caught in a heavy snow or fog, you can find your way back to town. You will see stakes along the trail at different points, sometimes to help you avoid danger zones. Believe me, when you need them, they’re a real blessing.

I have recently had to resign from the revered ACME group, due to spending much of my winter in Seattle with B. Priorities change over time, and believe me, this is a good change, if a bitter sweet one. I’ve had the time of my life with these guys, who have taught me much about sledding in general and grooming trails in particular. The friendship is the most important thing, however. These old friends brighten my days in a hundred ways, and I am grateful for them.

Our video tour will take you about 8 to 15 miles south of Virginia City. All will be grooming today except me… I’m the media guy, right? So we’ll do a little grooming on the trail, then have lunch, unhook the groomers and go on a short cruise. Sound fun? Good! At lunchtime, the boys always expect B’s homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, and that’s what I’ll be passing out.

At the end of the day, we always stop at Daryl’s for a brew or two and talk the whole thing over… one of my favorite parts. We’ll do that today, as well. Am still learning what my video camera ( the GoPro) will and won’t do, so I’ll just say this… next year’s pictures will be better than these. But these will get us started. Hope you enjoy, let’s go grooming!

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