The Sound And The Fury

by SteveHulse August 7, 2019

Back out on the North Sound on my trusty Aimless. It’s quiet, peaceful, as if everything else in the rest of this mad, mad world isn’t really happening. Blue sky, puffy white clouds, very slight breeze, water a deep blue with barely a riffle. The Olympic Mountains and Peninsula behind me, the beautiful Cascades and […]

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A Sweet Slice Of Life

by SteveHulse August 1, 2019

  Doppler So many strange and wonderful things happened to me in my 35-year career, that I have to pick and choose carefully, with thought as to what would interest other people, what could I share that might give them a new insight on the music biz, or the career of a composer, or jazz […]

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There Is No Write Or Wrong

by SteveHulse July 25, 2019

I attended one writing class in my life. And the main theme of the class, that evening was, of course, “Write what you know.” Excellent advise for a beginning writer, or for any writer, for that matter. There was other scattered info that night, such as finding our “voice,” which person to write in, how […]

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From An Oldster To A Youngster: A Rant

by SteveHulse July 6, 2019

Over the span of our lifetime, our perception of life changes… about many things. How we view our fellow man is often dictated by our preferences and prejudices, ideas we have that were formed by our family, our teachers and our culture. Each generation of youngsters finds new and different hair styles, clothing and language […]

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Politics: A New Solution

by SteveHulse June 12, 2019

My blog has never been a political forum… until now. Desperate times call for desperate measures, even if those desperate measures happen to take the form of a little fun in the face of impending doom. So let’s have a bit of fun, okay, before the next news cycle…                                         —————————————— I’ve been trying for […]

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Lightly Touching Greatness IV

by SteveHulse June 9, 2019

We had flown up to Boulder, Colorado, to record some backing vocals at North Star Studio in Boulder. James was wanting to spread his production money around as much as possible, so he’d have studio “friends” when he later went on his own. Those sessions were okay, nothing big, and I spent the afternoons at […]

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Lightly Touching Greatness III

by SteveHulse June 6, 2019

While working through the confusion the deadlines of 3 different projects I became James right-hand man. I could arrange for almost any style of music, I could travel with him and conduct the sessions, i could play synth overdubs when needed and could handle the piano on his rhythm sections, if he couldn’t find someone […]

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Lightly Touching Greatness II

by SteveHulse June 4, 2019

Bang Records, in Atlanta, was an unlikely place for James Stroud to be working. James was energetic, creative, talented and had a brilliant mind, as I would discover as I got to know him. Bang records, unlikely because it was sliding down slowly into the sewer when James hit town. Bang was one of only […]

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Lightly Touching Greatness

by SteveHulse June 2, 2019

This is a 4-part blog about the music biz, and my small part in it back in 1979. It’s for those of you who might want to know a little more of the underbelly of what used to be called “the record business.” I’ve tried to make it readable and understandable… hell, there are things […]

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The Rosewood Buddha

by SteveHulse May 25, 2019

I was having coffee one day with a friend in Atlanta. We were discussinga few concepts we’d learned at the feet of a Buddhist Monk the previousevening. The Monk’s name was (and still is) Geshe Lobsang Tenzin,Spiritual Director of Drepung Loseling, but we called him Geshe La,an endearing nickname for a beautiful person and and […]

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