In Memory Of Chick Corea

In memory of a true master performer, composer, teacher Chick Corea,

June 12, 1941 – February 9, 2021


He was indeed a master pianist, composer, band leader, and he held to the highest quality in all things. A truly great person to boot, he has inspired millions around the world in so many ways. I had just written a whole blog post on how he inspired me and a few of my friends. Then, earlier today, with a misplaced copy & paste, I accidentally erased the whole thing.

I have neither the heart nor the energy to try to replace it.

Instead, I’ll share one of my fave songs Chick wrote – Crystal Silence. Actually, it’s one of the only songs of his that I can play. Most of his original material was complicated and demanded excellent piano technique, which I don’t have. But I love this song, and I leave it here now, in his memory.

Rest In Peace, Chick. You will be remembered always.

Steve Hulse