All I Want For Christmas…

Am sad to say that This post of the Sagebrush Chronicles is badly fragmented. And why not? So is our culture, our social structure, our government, our priorities. As a small mountain mirror for this country and the larger world, the Chronicles’ head would have to be deep into the sand not to see, feel and respond to what’s happening out there.

Knowing that peace and hope are a little thin this year, we’ll offer our version of it, of course… and we’ll get to that, in a bit. Being fragmented, however, we want to first offer up some old fruitcake for thought.

All I Want For Christmas…

is nothing. That’s right… nothing. No thing. What I want is what I already have. What I need will come to me in good time. Sure, I still work for certain things, and occasionally think that it would be nice to have such and such. But as far as wasting even 30 seconds “wanting” that stuff… no.

To want for nothing is a sure way to have everything. Just that mindset alone insures abiding peace. Wanting for nothing is not an easy feat, however. We are all, after all, Americans, and if we even own a TV we have been mercilessly bombarded with newer, better, different, “the next great thing” and the relentless driving need for MORE! Getting past that instinct for possessing more is a neat trick, and takes a little work. One can’t just decide to not want more stuff… it’s an acquired taste, shall we say. It starts with being grateful for what we now have, and thankful for our health and our loved ones. The phrase “Now, if I just had…” must drop from our vocabulary and our thoughts. Life, as it is for us at this very moment, has got to be perfect in our mind and heart. When we finally reach that point, our peace, our joyfulness and our satisfaction with our lives will be boundless.


On the off-chance that the world would’ve ended/changed/raptured last Friday, B & I were ready for it. We booked this little place which we think would’ve sufficed to see us through to the next dimension/millenium/whatever. We’re still thinking of checking in there right after Christmas.

If this next part begins sounding like a generic Christmas letter, just look at the pictures and skip to the end, okay? Or, send me your generic Christmas letter, and we’ll trade.
My lady B, and I, have buttoned up the Montana cabin for the holidays. It awaits our return in middle January, when we’ll return to snowmobile, take winter walks and host my son Dillon, who will visit us for two weeks. We’ll attend the Virginia City Winterfest, which is always a most lively weekend in February, usually consisting of a wood-cutting race, sledding for the kids, a chili cook-off and a broom ball tournament. Much to look forward to, in that regard.

We installed a propane insert into the fireplace in the cabin last month. Short story, it’s getting really difficult to chainsaw, chop and carry the amount of wood into the cabin that we need to stay warm during the winter months. I’ve tried to be game about it, but the truth is that I’ve gone as far as I can. I’m no longer a mountain man (if I ever was one) and am nearly as content to sit in a cold cabin with a blanket over as I am to trudge out there one more time with 10 pounds of extra clothing on, to cut and carry enough wood for several nights’ heat. I once swore I’ve never do this to my fireplace, but I’m older now, (& wiser…) and the heat that comes from the new heater feels fantastic. I am totally thrilled with it. I’ll still build a fire in the wood stove from time to time, either for ambiance or for extra heat when it’s below zero outside, but now that will be because I WANT to… not because I have to.







Twas the month before Christmas, with snow on the ground
A warm coat for Betty, and one for the hound
The snow machines are parked by the cabin with care,
Awaiting the adventures that we soon will share.



The Bale is closed once again for the year
But that won’t keep Stevie from having a beer.









The “children” are nestled all snug in their bed
And Susi impatiently waits to be fed.










The new insert waits for the stockings to fill
While we hope that Santa visits Denzel and Dil!

                                             Our tree in B’s home this year

Holiday boats with beautiful lights stop near our house on Alki Beach, to play Christmas music for several thousand people there.

B & I are in Seattle now. We wish all of you a most Merry Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous new year. Seattle is chock-full of Christmas spirit, with beautiful lights, music and special occasions galore. We went down to Alki Beach last week at dusk and watched a dozen or so boats cruise up fairly close to us, a good choral group singing from the largest boat; with Christmas lights strung up along the yard arms, the masts, the lanyards and poop decks. Yeah yeah, I know…  B’s Christmas tree is beautiful, and I brought my keyboard over to play some occasional holiday tunes to keep us in the spirit. In a way, it’s hard… but in another way it’s *not* hard… we are, after all, a very hopeful pack of beggars, aren’t we?


I wonder as I wonder out under the sky
Why so many soldiers have all had to die
Protecting their loved ones like you and like I
I wonder as I wonder out under the sky

I wonder as I wonder out under the sky
Why so many children in school had to die
Heartbreaking for families like you and like I
I wonder as I wonder out under the sky

I wonder as I wonder out under the sky
Why leaders in congress can’t see eye to eye
Why can’t they be more like you and like I?
I wonder as I wonder out under the sky

Yes, I wonder as I wonder out under the sky
‘Til helpless frustration brings tears to my eye
Can peace start with people like you and like I?
I wonder as I wonder…
Out under the sky.

Steve Hulse


5 Replies to “All I Want For Christmas…”

  1. Thanks again for keeping me hooked up to the wild west via the Chronicle. Vee and I are tucked in our Summerville cubby hole. God help me want what I have is the prayer I’ve been saying. Like you, I want for nothing at this point with a few small exceptions. I want to know that all of my family and friends are safe from harms way, eating well, sleeping well, and enjoying life under the stars. I want some grease on the job finding wheel, just lost the job I’ve had for the past year. Both of those wants go away when I am in a position of faith that they are being taken care of, and fear that they won’t be. It’s the old faith vs fear conundrum. I am reasonably certain that my family and friends are ok, and, to be brutally honest, I’m looking forward to a a couple of months of unemployment. I can join the other 47% and lean on Sam. I want some cheese with that whine as well. Glad to know you are well my friend, and even more so, even though I haven’t met her, I’m glad to know that you are under the wing of B. Enjoy your season. I’ll see you under the stars hopefully sometime sooner than later. – Spumonik

  2. Hey Griz, it’s no surprise that we’re such good friends. We still think exactly alike. The country is run by inept politicians and greedy big banks and corporations. The vast majority of Americans are great people, but their voices are being heard less and less. And, by the way, I didn’t ask for anything for Christmas either.
    I truly hope this season brings you and B. much happiness. I miss seeing you, my friend. Merry Christmas from the Hawk.

  3. Thanks for inviting one and all…such as myself…to your blog. So good always to see photos of the First Place in my heart. Welcome to Seattle. Glad you’ve mastered Sequim and Puyallup!

  4. Heh, Steve… I guess from the sound of things, my Christmas card will be waiting in your PO Box when you get back to the cabin in Jan. One question… isn’t it “:I wonder while I wander out under the sky? Or was that intentional… doing a lot of wondering these days, yeh? Well glad to hear you got the NO presents thing figured out. Have a happy day you two. And a great New Years eve.

  5. You’re right, Lynnie, it is Wonder As I Wander. And yes, am doing WAY more wondering than wandering these days. Up ’til now I haven’t had to wander much to wonder. There’s probably a message in there somewhere about my state of mind… evidently I’m wondering abut my own wondering… could be a Buddhist thing?? Which brings up a potentially good new year’s resolution… to stop all this gd wondering and do more wandering. Yup, I’ll get your card next year. Meantime, Merry Christmas, Lynnie.

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