Divided We Fall

Hate to say it, hate to admit it, but about 45% of the human race are really stupid!

I think I have finally figured out why we, as a mixed culture of Americans, are so incredibly stupid. About 45% of us are dumber than dirt, and it’s been bothering me for say, the last 4 years. What, for me, is particularly dumbfounding is the fact that there are many, many lawyers and politicians in that 45 per cent. Don’t you have to have at least some smarts to get a law degree and pass the bar exam? I would have thought so.

Of course we have to figure that a significant per centage of those lawyers and politicians know what’s really going on, and simply ignore the facts when it doesn’t suit their interests or their ambitions. But they still belong in the “dirt-dumb” 45 % because even though they’re aware of a potential life-threatening problem to either them or their families and grand children, still they do nothing about it. That’s just plain stupid, folks.

At times like these I wish I knew more about world history, more facts about civilization over the centuries. As it stands, I know little to nothing, except for this – around 45% of us, in large cultures or small, for over 2500+ years, have always been dumber than dirt… and the history of civilizations around the world proves it, over and over again.

Take, for instance, the religious wars over the years. ’Nuff said there. Or the countless wars over land “;ownership” and power over the masses. Oh, we’re stupid, all right. Not only have we done stupid shit for several thousand years, but then we’ve had the unmitigated gall (and stupidity, naturally) to try to justify why we’re so goddamned stupid! How many people in history do you know or remember who actually stood up and said, “This is stupid, people! WE”RE stupid! We’ve got to see ourselves for who we truly are and stop all this ridiculous nonsense and learn to embrace the fact that we’re all in this together, and that we’re all going to the same place… together.” Count ‘em on one hand, right?

As Americans today, 9/3/2020, we are proving daily how amazingly stupid we are. We have at least five life-threatening things going on in America right now, none of which the 45’s are dealing with on any noticeable level. 1. The crash and destruction of our concept of Democracy. 2. The Covid-19 coronavirus. 3. The ecological destruction of the planet. 4. systemic racism in America. 5. The successful political and racial division of our country’s population.

These five elements of our demise have several things in common, but my thoughts on it are simply this: All five are seemingly intangible concepts that the 45 per centers cannot see, touch, eat or spend. As usual, there’s at least one caveat to this theory… if an intangible concept has the promise of large dollars at the end of that invisible rainbow, then the 45’ers are suddenly all in. Sick, isn’t it?

In the case of #1, the 45’ers are doing nothing, except perhaps moving it along a little more quickly, in hopes it will happen in time to ensure 45’s second term. From my point of view, the dismantling of our Constitution and welcoming in a new dictatorship seems to be perfectly fine with the Republicans. I feel the Republicans are trying desperately to hold on to their concept of white power, and they appear to think that 45 is their last hope.

For #2, the virus is a huge black eye for 45 and his party. They are all complicit in the 185,000 deaths to date, and are doing verbal cart wheels trying to deny its very existence. This is horrifying to me.

#3. Our ecological crisis is not an intangible anymore, really, but still the 45 per centers either don’t see it or refuse to acknowledge it and do anything about it. It’s too easy for them to turn it into a conspiracy theory so they can either deny it completely or downplay it, which ever is more convenient at the moment. Better to let Fox’s Tucker Carlson tear it to shreds, or at least pooh pooh it.

#4. Actually, racism has not been invisible in America since the beginning of slavery, but the conservatives continue to deny it, even as they continue to promote it by turning their backs on the murderous actions of police on black men. Bill Barr said on 9/2/2020 that there is no systemic racism in this country. Right, Bill. And I’d bet Tucker Carlson will back you on that.

#5. It’s crystal clear that 45 planned the division of the American people. Racial views are involved in this, but it goes much deeper… truth vs convenient lies, for starters. If a healthy percentage of the 45’ers tend to believe conspiracy theories, then we know who, and what degree of stupidity, we’re dealing with right away. Denial of the obvious is not an option to any clear-thinking person with any sign of integrity whatsoever. We are so painfully divided right now, the hate is so high… and because of various factors such as 45 controlling most of the potentially effective agencies, (the CDC for example, let’s not forget the Dept. Of Justice) the real truth of all this keeps ducking and diving up narrow streets, down dark alleys, popping out briefly into the sunlight of a temporary truth serum, accidentally served up by one of our major news outlets.

But wait! 45% isn’t even half the population. What in hell are we worried about? Ask anyone who knows the history of the country of Germany before WWII. Even I know that it is said that Hitler controlled Germany by the very same methods that 45 and his Republican cronies have been forcing on us these last 3+ years. The theory has been, Hitler won 33 per cent of the people, 33 per cent were against him, and 33 per cent did nothing. That’s all he needed to take over the military and begin one of the most famous and deadly dictatorships in history. I’m guessing here that the silent 33% was Germany’s undoing, as 33% vs 33% would be a fair fight for a nation… except that Hitler, as the leader of the country, was able to take control of its armed services and the police force. At that point, game over. Notice 45 in Kenosha, Wis earlier this week, kowtowing to their police without even acknowledging the rampant racism in the police force there?

So sure, we can say, “Eh, 45% of the population isn’t even half the population… what’s the problem?” From my view, the problem is that if our American populace has 33% of it that doesn’t affect our political system either way, then that potentially levels the playing field to a scary degree. And don’t tell me that all of 45’s 45 per centers won’t show up to vote… I say to you, oh yes they will! And many of them will try to vote twice, simply because 45 told them they could! At this point in time, 45 has total control of his minions. His incredibly stupid minions.

The bad news is, even if my numbers and theories are totally skewed, we’re all in deep doodoo… even the 45ers are, thought they obviously don’t see it. 45 doesn’t care about them, only their vote. Fox News has already become the equivalent of the Tass News Agency in Russia, and the 45ers are marching to the Fox News daily beat. Sound familiar?

I can tell you this in all confidence – between now, 9/3/2020, and Jan. 1, 2021, the white supremacists the white nationalists, the white power brokers and the Republicans are going to pull rabbits out of their hats that we’ve never before seen, never before even heard about! they’re going to be law-breaking, deadly rabbits, rabbits I doubt we’re ready for. They are hateful and murderous. They are preparing to possibly lose the election and still hold onto our government. OUR government. If you saw the interview with Bill Barr on CNN yesterday, then you’re beginning to get an idea of how bad it’s about to get. Bill Barr is our Attorney General, right? And therefor the head of the Dept. of Justice. With me? Good, because yesterday he said the shooting of Jacob Blake might have been justified. Yup. He also said that mail-in voting is, “Playing with fire” and “dangerous.” And the cherry on this dessert is this – he’s not sure if it’s illegal to vote twice, AND, he says that if the Republicans lose this election, it will be because of widespread voter fraud.

Today I feel old, and incredibly helpless. Well hell, I AM old and helpless. All I can do now is put these thoughts out there in hopes they might light a fire in some of you to vote… either by mail or in person, but to vote! It’s almost ironic, voting is perhaps the only power we, the people, have left and the present administration is trying desperately to take that away from us as well! I would so love to see proof that we are not as stupid as I think we are.

Steve Hulse

5 Replies to “Divided We Fall”

    1. With equal due respect, George, no I don’t. This is my final think on this particular matter. Black lives matter, my old friend. The attempted division of this country is, at the very least, despicable. As long as you continue to be a Christian Republican, George, I advise you, with all due respect, to try to become a better/real Christian and try to keep your religion out of your politics. You’ll be a happier man if you can do that. Being a racist (and you are) doesn’t fit any of the Christian tenets I was brought up with. That’s a Republican thing, old buddy. As long as you want to be a trump supporter and a racist, you’re not a real Christian at all. If you think you are, then, George, I feel you have another think coming.

  1. Well I’m glad you got that off your chest!!! I agree that our country, the world is polarized…incredibly by the Minion’s who follow their respective leaders, both/all sides. I think You will enjoy Tim Urban’s blog “Wait But Why” especially the very long one called “The Story of Us” it is very long, 10 parts, but extremely well done! I agree, we’re all in this together and lets come up with a civilized answer to our problems…Thanks for all your thoughts…Miss you and Betty! xoxo

    1. Jen, thank you for your thoughtful response. I’m guessing you disagree with the bulk of the content of this post, but certainly appreciate your positive thoughts on it. We’re all different, we all have our individual perceptions and priorities. The lack of any “divisiveness” in your note is commendable. Thank you for reading my blog and responding to the few points you agree with. We miss you guys, too!

  2. Regarding your reference to Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, I urge you and all of your readers to watch Rick Steves’ “Fascism in Europe”. Yes, the same Rick Steves of the travel books and shows. It can be streamed via that source of commie pinko propaganda PBS Passport. It is a straight historical retelling of the rise of fascism in the 1930s across much of Europe, not just Germany. It makes no reference at all to today’s political climate, but the parallels to today’s authoritarian movements in the USA and across Europe are inescapable. If you wonder how a modern civil democracy can very quickly fall into authoritarian dictatorship just watch this program. Eat your vegetables!

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