In Memory Of Chick Corea

In memory of a true master performer, composer, teacher Chick Corea,

June 12, 1941 – February 9, 2021


He was indeed a master pianist, composer, band leader, and he held to the highest quality in all things. A truly great person to boot, he has inspired millions around the world in so many ways. I had just written a whole blog post on how he inspired me and a few of my friends. Then, earlier today, with a misplaced copy & paste, I accidentally erased the whole thing.

I have neither the heart nor the energy to try to replace it.

Instead, I’ll share one of my fave songs Chick wrote – Crystal Silence. Actually, it’s one of the only songs of his that I can play. Most of his original material was complicated and demanded excellent piano technique, which I don’t have. But I love this song, and I leave it here now, in his memory.

Rest In Peace, Chick. You will be remembered always.

Steve Hulse

2 Replies to “In Memory Of Chick Corea”

  1. Steve,
    You’re too modest about your playing.
    I listen to Chick’s recordings often and love the albums, Trio– and Trio II (I think the name is correct.) He has fabulous sidemen on these.

    Wish you and Betty could come to visit. I’m getting the porch and garden ready for action. I have many bottles of Washington state reds plus some great Italians.


    1. Thanks, Sara. Glad you are enjoying good jazz, especially chick! Betty and i get our second shot next week, won’t be traveling much yet, but look out next fall!

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